Take control of your digital marketing

Learning the basics of marketing will help empower you to understand how you can grow your business.


We’ll give you the confidence to take an active role in your marketing success through our specialist digital marketing training and consulting.

Marketing training collage

Why do I need marketing training and consulting?

Marketing training can be a great investment for small businesses who don’t have the budget to run all of their marketing activities through an agency.


We offer digital marketing training and consultation packages; ideally suited to our clients who want to maintain some involvement in, and have a better understanding of their marketing activities.

What types of marketing can I learn about?

A lot of what we do is technically orientated and requires a high degree of training, skill and experience. This includes website design, SEO, paid advertising management, email marketing and then some. Don’t worry, we’ve got all that covered.


HOWEVER, with the right training (by us), some marketing responsibilities are excellent for our clients to be involved with (unless of course you are a technical expert in any of the above).

Social Media Training


Social media is the perfect marketing activity to embrace. Not only because there’re billions of active daily users, but because it’s a great way to communicate with your audience regularly.


You know your business inside-out, so it makes sense that you feel confident engaging with your community on social media. You’ll also get to grips with how your people feel about your business and brand. This will help you to continually strive to improve!

Creating Content


Creating content is another marketing activity that we encourage you to learn. Content creation could be in the form of blog posts, news articles or new web copy. By producing fresh content regularly, you’ll be helping your business be found by people and Google!


Any new content can also be shared across your social media channels. This will get even more people to your website and promote your brand. 




Want to get on the front foot of marketing your accommodation business?



Our booklet identifies 8 key steps that will help you get more direct bookings and improve your customer loyalty, with real world tools to help you plan and strategize your brand’s marketing.