Google Advertising to get your business found

No time to learn Google Ads? We hear you! Let us do all the complicated stuff to save you the time and effort of learning Google advertising. Google Ads work for businesses that want to be found quickly. That’s you, right?

google ads

Why Google Ads will help you reach the right people


The biggest benefit of Google Ads is that it works faster than search engine optimisation (SEO). Both are effective search engine marketing strategies to generate your business more traffic and leads. However, a well optimised Ad campaign can work much faster for getting your website onto Google’s number one page. And this is what we can help you achieve.


Advertising through Google can be very effective, because people are open to being advertised to when they want answers. Unlike other social media advertising, Google Ads don’t interrupt someone’s online browsing. Or bombard them with products or services they don’t want to know about. Therefore, we curate tailored ads that will get your business found by the right people.

Get a Google Ads service that works for you


We understand that getting a high return on investment (ROI) is a priority for you. Therefore, our Google Ads service is results driven and crafted to resonate with your target audience. Our focus is on getting you new customers, not just clicks!


We can offer you:


  Paid campaign setup

  Display campaigns

  Search campaigns

  Shopping campaigns

  Keyword management

  Ad creative


  Tracking and reporting (Clarity)

How advertising using Google will benefit your business


Immense brand awareness and reach. With billions of searches every day, Google Ads is an effective way for your business to get noticed.


Target your budget. Get full control of how much you want to spend after careful analysis of how well your adverts are doing. Meaning you don’t waste money.


Keyword bidding for targeting and relevance. By defining who your targeting and by bidding on relevant keywords to your business, you’ll get your ad seen!


Remarketing / Retargeting Ads. Retargeting means marketing to the same people who have already encountered your business and if done well, will build trust and encourage people to buy.

So, if you want to learn how Google knows more about your customers than you know about them, then you need an expert.