Managing a business without data is like driving with your eyes closed

Introducing Clarity Data Suite – prove & improve your ROI


In the marketing world, data is akin to gold. That’s why our Clarity Data Suite is so valuable.


Offering you clear insights and bench-marking into the performance of your marketing activities and costs, our Clarity Data Suite will simplify your results into a dollar value.


We simplify your data with clarity, so YOU know what works.


Where all your marketing efforts come together

The all-knowing Clarity Data Suite makes everything measurable, and takes the guesswork out of marketing planning and decisions. Yah!


Feedback from our clients has led us to develop a simplified reporting dashboard that is easy to read, understand and take action from.

Clarity provides clarity on....

  Google analytics

  Social media

  Online sales

  Organic traffic data

Clarity ALSO goes beyond data and tells you what’s working and what to improve. And – tells you your return on investment (ROI).


All added together this offers you a comprehensive reporting framework. It’s that simple.


Answering your questions with Clarity

If you’re a newbie to marketing and all the reels of data that come with it. Then here’s some of the all-important questions that we answer with every Clarity summary report.

How has my website performed?

We concisely cover all website key metrics and compare performance year-over-year. Including:

Users – people that have visited your website.

Sessions – what people do on your website within a given time frame.

Bounce rates – when people land on your site then bounce straight off.

Traffic sources – where and how people arrived on your site.

Conversions – people that complete activities like buying stuff or subscribing.

What about my Google Ads?

Google Ads can be an optimum way of reaching the people that are searching specifically for what you have to offer. Our snap-shot reports will help you understand in:

– Reach

– Clicks

– Conversions

– Keyword performance – the important words you want to be found for.

What creative or keyword campaigns are generating the best ROI? 

We constantly review data to improve our digital marketing activities. Take advertising

for example, we review which creative and keywords are performing best. Then we continually optimise campaigns accordingly and share these insights with you. So you know what’s working.

Am I getting the benefit of organic searches?

Digital advertising works wonders, but organic searches get you free leads (potential customers). We report on:

– Your website SEO performance

– Effectiveness of SEO activities

– Overall website health analysis 

– Conversions

What was my comparative conversions from my various marketing activities?

We show you how each of your marketing activities compare in cost and conversions.

What insights might be drawn from this as to where I should favour marketing investment for best results?

Come again? Blah, blah. We don’t only give you the data simply. We also give you the benefit of our experience, explaining what the data means and what to do next.

Have my conversions (leads) been converted? 

The winning question! Our understanding of your business’s success is important to us and what we do. Your success is our success. Cheesy, we know. Our Clarity Data reports are just the starting point. We’ll talk to you regularly about how your overall business is performing when it comes to generating and converting leads. Who’s getting even more excited about data!

Is social media working for me?

In our digital savvy world, getting to grips with social media is essential. We track and report on:

Reach – all the people who see your content.

Engagement – all the shares, likes and comments.

Impressions – the number of times your content is displayed.

Clicks – the number of times people click on your social posts.

Conversions – I hope you’ve remembered this one?!

Trends in likes and followers.

Can I set some expected key performance indicators (KPIs) based on this data? 

Of course. You can measure how the performance of your marketing activities compare to your expectations. And we can help you set some clear KPIs around what you might expect from your marketing investments.

What are the insights and recommendations from this data?  

Our Clarity Data Suite reports will give you concise recommendations that get acted upon, usually over the course of the next quarter.

It’s all in the data  

We offer even more detailed reports for the hardcore data heads out there. However, our Clarity summary reports tell you everything you need to know.

Ready, set, go!

We’ll take the guesswork out of your marketing planning to improve your return on investment (ROI).  

By understanding your data, you’re well on your way to a winning digital marketing strategy.



We will give you an independent assessment into the health of your key digital marketing assets and activities.


Valuable insights are taken from your website, social media, email marketing campaigns and organic traffic analytics.


We deliver clear recommendations based on the collected data, and help you prioritise your future marketing activities.