Is Your Team Currently Set-Up To Succeed?


In every aspect of a business, the diverse and collaborative skills of teams are essential in achieving success. The importance of a high-performing team is critical in today’s multidisciplinary world. We know that a team is stronger when everybody delivers on their individual roles, and how well they perform both individually and collectively can be enhanced by purposeful and impactful team training. An insightful piece of research on what makes a successful team, shared by one of the world’s biggest organizations- Google – reveals that who is on a team matter less than how the team members interact, their work structure and how their contributions are viewed.

Take a minute to think about your own team. Explore the various dynamics within your team and reflect on when they thrive and when they struggle.

Now, ask yourself if your team is currently set up to succeed?

5 Key Dynamics of a Successful Team

There are five defining characteristics that all highly successful teams share:

  1. Structure and Clarity: Are the goals, roles, the responsibility of each individual and execution plan of your team clearly defined and understood?
  2. Dependability: Can team members rely on each other to produce high-quality work delivered on time?
  3. Meaning of Work: Successful teams are composed of individuals who feel that their work has meaning that goes beyond just satisfying team and business objectives but also has important personal value to them.
  4. Impact of Work: The success of a team is influenced by a sincere belief that the value of the work they are investing in truly matters.
  5. Psychological Safety: This relates to trust within a team; does your team feel secure enough to take risks without feeling embarrassed? Teams are more likely to harness the power of diverse and innovative ideas if members feel safe enough to share them within the team.

A team that is effective, collaborative and high performing is crucial in achieving the overall objectives and goals of your business. Team training and consulting affords businesses the valuable opportunity to inculcate the five defining dynamics that set aside the teams that thrive from those that simply plod on.


4 Steps to Set Your Team Up For Success

Below, we’ll briefly walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to set your team up for success and give you impactful approaches that can enhance team outcomes, improve teamwork and supercharge performance.

Step 1: Have a Marketing Strategy that is Clear, Realistic and Measurable

We know that high-performing teams have clarity on their roles, structure and goals. Your marketing strategy should be realistic and include clear deadlines. More importantly, marketing efforts must be measurable so that the results can be evaluated and course correction can occur. All too often we speak with businesses who don’t measure their marketing results, which means they are essentially blindly directing their teams efforts without knowing whether what they are doing is working or not.



Step 2: Use a Project Management Tool

Project management tools like Asana, are an excellent resource for all businesses to use in order to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of their team. Use project management software to save time, stick to deadlines, streamline communication and promote smooth workflow.



Step 3: Insist on Weekly Team Meetings

Weekly meeting should be focused on bringing your team together and providing them with the information, accountability and encouragement they need to meet goals. They’re also an awesome way to build an open and conversational culture within your business.


Step 4: Take a Fresh Approach

Often times, a fresh set of eyes can offer a new perspective and valuable insight on your existing marketing campaign. We typically encounter busy business owners who have so many plates spinning in the air at any given moment, that they often don’t have the time to look and evaluate their business in a constructive and unbiased way. The Platinum Campaigns team can undertake an audit on your marketing activities for you, providing you with a snapshot on its current performance and efficacy. This information not only highlights problem areas and identifies shortfalls in the existing marketing strategy but we also use it to guide forward planning and identify opportunities to make your business more profitable.